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Colin farrell shows you how not to wear a scarf

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In London yesterday, Colin Farrell arrived hosted a screening of the film Room and turned up for it wearing an infinity scarf. For those who don't know what it is, an infinity scarf is just like a regular scarf but with connected ends. In other words, a giant knit circle. If you looked at it flat, you would see a loop-like a donut or a rubber band. "Then why isn't it called a donut scarf?" you ask. Because it's not meant to be worn like a donut. It's called an infinity scarf because you're meant to wear it looped around your neck twice, like the mathematical symbol.

Colin farrell shows you how not to wear a scarf

Instead, Farrell wore it like the post in a game of ring toss. This is not the way to wear a scarf. One, because a scarf is meant to keep your neck warm-not one shoulder blade and your mid-abdomen-and two, it distracts from that pretty sharp top coat instead of help it. Accessories should make a look better, not worse.

So next time you come across one, try adding it into your winter mix. But remember, you now also have a mental image of how not to ever wear it. And like with sunglasses on top of your head or Uggs in the summer, if it's this far away from being practical then you're doing it wrong.

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