Autumn and winter wear more fashionable socks ?

2016-11-24 14:06:00 

After the beginning of winter, want Lou meat is almost a not easy thing, the cold wind howling, short pants a piece will need a great deal of courage, but there are still a girl must show ankle, at that time there was a warm and fashionable socks is particularly important.

Autumn and winter wear more fashionable socks ?

In this season of velvet skirt or jeans are very to, more chic than dew ankle socks. Choose shoes very convenient also, and ankle boot, loafers, athletic shoe can become good partners.

Socks on the color of choice, usually without such as black, gray, white color is the best match, but white looks a bit cold in the winter, recommend blue and brown and dark, the deeper the color, means that the better match your shoes and clothes

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